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Haneyville ATV Trail Pa Rules & Regulations in the Pine Creek Valley Pa


Helmets are required at all times when riding the Haneyville ATV Trail.

State Law

Existing State Forest Regulations and the ATV Law shall apply to the operation of all-terrain vehicles.


All ATVs must display a valid registration to ride on the Haneyville ATV trail.


Riders must carry proof of liability insurance.


The local District Forester will regulate the Haneyville ATV trail.

Where to ride

ATVs must stay on designated trails marked by green diamond shape signs.

How to ride

The operation of a vehicle in a reckless manner is not permitted.

Please do not Litter

Littering is prohibited. Please help us keep the Haneyville ATV trail clean!


Do not disturb, drive, or pursue wildlife with, or carry loaded weapons on your vehicle.

State Forest Roads

ATVs are not permitted on State Forest Roads.

ATV Operators

Persons under 8 years of age may not operate an ATV on State Forest lands. Persons between 8 and 15 years of age may operate an ATV only when in possession of a valid safety training certificate.

Types of Vehicles

No Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Trucks, or Jeeps are permitted on the Haneyville ATV Trail.


Contact either Tioga or Lycoming County Communications Center by dialing 911. Please keep in mind that cell phones do not work in many areas of the Haneyville ATV Trail. You can also contact a nearby hospital or emergency center. You can find this information in our Emergency Contacts area.

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