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Pine Creek Rail Trail Biking Guide - by Linda Stager

Author of the book
"The Pine Creek Rail-Trail Guidebook"
–Linda Stager–
The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook was inspired by Linda learning to ride her bicycle again after retirement. She set off on trail adventures and as she rode, she often wondered about the area she was riding. So she decided a guidebook was in order—for herself, as well as others. Linda brings her cameras along on her trail rides and her book is illustrated with her photos. The book divides the trail into seven sections with mileage markers wherever she points out something of interest. Linda also peppers the book with stories of her travels, as well as historical anecdotes and old photos. There are also separate sections detailing the Access Areas for the trail, rules and regulations, weather, distances, and practical advice on riding the trail. Join Linda and other members of the trail community on the Facebook Page, "Pine Creek Rail Trail" for daily discussions and photos of the trail.
Pine Creek Rail Trail Biking Guide - by Linda Stager
Shipping Standard Mail: $2.95
"The Lights of Wellsboro Pennsylvania" - 22 by 28 inch souvenir poster was also inspired by another one of Linda's adventures. She had gone to Wellsboro's picturesque Main Street before dawn, as she often does, with her camera in hand. As she focused her camera on a "gaslight" (not all of the iconic lampposts in Wellsboro are fueled by gas anymore), the vision of the poster was born. Wellsboro's Victorian style boulevard street lamps combine with beautiful architecture in the Historic District to make a memorable scene for lovers of beauty. People often comment that Wellsboro is America's real-life "Bedford Falls", especially during the Christmas season.

Commemorate your love of Wellsboro by bringing home this 22 by 28 inch poster, which fits in an easily purchased standard-size poster frame.
Pine Creek Rail Trail Biking Guide - by Linda Stager
Shipping Standard Mail: $4.00
Also available at area bookstores and local businesses along the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

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